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Have you Seen or Heard Quail in Minnesota?

Have You Seen or Heard Quail in Minnesota?


If you have spotted a bobwhite quail in Minnesota in the last few months or weeks, please CLICK HERE to access a short survey that will help our state coordinator, Thurman Tucker. Such information helps our team and our members improve habitat efforts focus, but we also provide this data to the MN DNR on a regular basis.


The data you provide will be tabulated and will influence our projects and efforts for several years to come. Additional sighting information from areas near you can be found within this Web site.

Video Captures of Recent Wild Quail Sightings

June 2018: Adult bobwhite and brood recorded by resident of Houston County, MN

September 2015: Bobwhite covey recorded in Houston County driveway. Listen for the covey calls they make to each other.

May 2016: Male bobwhite is recorded making his spring territorial and mating calls, in Houston County. Play it loud, so all can hear!

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