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Minnesota Quail Counts & Monitoring:  2013 - 2017

Minnesota Quail Forever, Quail and Pheasents
Minnesota Quail Forever, Quail monitoring

The data tables below represent the collected data of quail sightings in Minnesota over the last few years. As the word continues to grow about Quail Forever, and that this data is being tracked, the quality of our data should continue to improve. In addition to this Web site, we will be promoting our monitoring efforts through Facebook, Linked-In and through press releases to all the newspapers published in the southeastern part of Minnesota.

Quail Sightings from 2013 – 2017

A=Sightings O=Birds Heard Y=Birds Seen NSR=No Sightings Reported

Minnesota Quail Forever, Quail Monitoring
Male Bobwhite Quail -
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Click Here to Listen to a Male Bobwhite's Territorial Call in Spring
Bobwhite Quail Covey Call -
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Click Here to Listen to a Bobwhite Covey Call to Gather Together
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