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  • Thurman Tucker

New Stewardship Initiative to Launch at Metro QF Banquet

Everyone attending this year’s upcoming Metro Quail Forever banquet (August 15) will be indirectly supporting our New Stewardship Initiative – “Improving Conditions” as it relates to our human and natural resources.

Far too many of our youth are facing serious problems like depression, attempted suicide, broken homes, gang violence, etc. We feel this doesn’t have to go on like this. Youth getting involved with this New Stewardship Initiative can be helped. This new initiative will have youth building their self esteem, learn basic ethical life lessons, participate in improving the environment, and do fun activities too.

Activities like fishing, horseback riding, apple picking, trap shooting, scavenger hunting at Cabela’s, visiting farms, etc., are things they will be participating in.

The second goal of our program is to build and improve diverse wildlife habitat that will support a wide variety of different species on the general landscape. Many species are declining to record low numbers because we are losing wildlife habitat. We want to include our youth in this effort and by doing so they will get exposed to the great outdoors and experience nature by bird watching, fishing, camping, learning about and planting trees, and more.

Most people enjoy seeing, and hearing birds, and in addition, we as a society want to see our youth as happy and productive as possible. That is what this New Stewardship Initiative is all about, improving conditions when it comes to our human resources (youth) , and our natural resources (wildlife habitat).

Come Join Us In This Effort! Click Here to learn more about our upcoming banquet and to download registration details.

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