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  • Thurman Tucker

Leatrice McVilly – Our “Habitat Manager of the Year”

Leatrice saw and heard bobwhite quail on her land last year. She has total of (8.2) acres which include: brushy cover, food plots and CP33. CP-33 is a ten year federal set aside program that is specifically aimed at improving nesting and brood rearing habitat for quail and other grassland birds. Her son Sean planted the CP-33 and Sean also planted the food plots. In addition, close to the CP-33 and the food plots are several acres of evergreen trees which provide extra cover for the birds.

In a conversation with Lee (she likes to be called “Lee”) she stated that she loves animals, especially sheep. She also said this is the third award that she has won during her life. The first was when she was selected to be rodeo queen, and later on she won a “Land Improvement Grant.” It included rotational grazing, electric fencing, and other land management. And the most recent one is when she won our “Habitat Manager of the Year” award. Lee will be given a plaque and a $100.00 for her efforts at our upcoming banquet for our Southeast Chapter, Saturday March 23rd.

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